They should have called it Pirates of the Caribbean: Starving Girl’s Chest


Keira Knightley is suing the publishers of Britain’s Daily Mail over an article that suggests she has lied about not being anorexic and is setting a bad example for young girls.

Kiera Knightley

I have no idea whether the Bend it Like Beckham star is telling the truth, and either way she does make a point of acknowledging that anorexia is a serious, deadly disease.

But isn’t suing a tabloid protesting too much?

It’s hard to take the Daily Mail too seriously when they run articles like the recent one about Cameron Diaz hitting the waves with two “hunky surfer dudes” in an attempt to “wash that man out of her hair.”

But I hadn’t even heard of the paper until 1986 (when Keira was just one year old), and that was thanks to The Smiths, and since then all I can think about when I hear its name is Prince Charles appearing on the front dressed in his mother’s bridal veil. Oh, has the world changed or have I changed?

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