She saw her dancin’ there by the record machine


I don’t know how I missed this: Rumors have been flying about Carmen Electra and Joan Jett. According to various tabloids, the two were seen smooching after a recent Jett concert in Los Angeles.

Joan Jett

Carmen (I can’t call her “Electra” without feeling like I’m writing about Greek tragedy) has also claimed, “I’ve had a little girl crush on Joan Jett since I was eight.” And in Jett’s new A.C.D.C. video, Carmen has various provocative encounters.

Kathleen Hanna also has a cameo in the video. Hmm … a Jett/Hanna pairing would make a lot more sense to me, but maybe that would be too much riot grrrl for one room.

I guess the only way to find out for sure whether the rumors are true is to ask Carmen yourself, if you’re going to Dinah Shore in March.

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