Brunch with Sick of Sarah and Billie Myers (“Brunch with Bridget,” Episode 86)


This week, Bridget welcomes to the beanbags British singer/songwriter Billie Myers. In addition to playing a spicy game of Truth or Dare, they discuss the terror of snakes, the accuracy of gossip rags, and Myers new cd, Tea & Sympathy.

Bridget is also joined this week by some of the women who created the Brunch theme song, Abisha and Jamie from Sick of Sarah. They drop by to sing a song in the Brunch studio and to introduce the world premiere of the new video for “Paint Like That” (created by animator Jodi Sandler).

Returning this week are puppet pals Jessica and Seth, who still seem to love/hate one another, and Dance Magic (aka Heaven in a Leotard).

Brunch with Sick of Sarah and Billie Myers (Brunch With Bridget, Episode 86)

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