Morning Brew: Monday, Dec. 7


Good morning!

Eva Green plays a stalky-lesbian head mistress in the new film Cracks, but apparently it won’t be as hot as we might think. “The love scene is soft — I wanted to go even further,” she said. “In the book, she’s more sexual.” Hm, perhaps I should skip the movie and read the book. Well, at least we know it won’t be gratuitous.

Oxygen’s trashtastic reality series Bad Girls Club has debuted a new season and one of the women, Florina, is bisexual. According to the website, she’s actually a “bisexual party girl.” Let the cringing commence! (Thanks happycricket05!)

The Secret Diaries of Anne Lister began filming in York this weekend. On set, Maxine Peake, who plays the lead (aka the “first modern lesbian”) said she was honored to be playing “such a pioneering lady.” “Anne Lister was an extraordinary woman who up until recently has only really been documented in lesbian history,” she said. “Hopefully, with this film and documentary, she will reach a wider audience exposing them to this inspirational and formidable woman.” We are all very excited for you to expose yourself as Anne Lister, Ms. Peake.

Someone from Heroes likes Anyone But Me, and it’s not someone who plays a pseudo-lesbian. Nope, it’s Zachary Quinto.

Cynthia Nixon shows that once again, she’s an awesome lesbian by penning an impassioned piece on gay marriage for The Huffington Post.

Apparently there wasn’t only one lesbian on this cycle of Brazil’s Next Top Model. Another contestant, Mírian Araújo, came out and placed third. Makes you wonder if there was anything the cameras didn’t show! (Thanks for the tip, @brunalouise.)

Kaki King‘s work is showing up in an unlikely place tomorrow. She played guitar on a Miley Cyrus track called “We Belong to the Music,” which is on the new Timbaland album, Shock Value II. It’ll be interesting, at the very least!

Speaking of out musicians, Sharon Isbin‘s Journey to a New World has been nominated for a Grammy. Here’s hoping she can win in her category: Best Instrumental Soloist Performance. (And yes, she was on The L Word for a hot second.)

Have a great day, you gay!