The only thing more striking than their talent is their hair


The Ronettes and Patti Smith (say that the other way around and you create a new act) are among the five 2007 inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The only women among the nominees, they got the nod along with Grandmaster Flash, R.E.M. and Van Halen (including both Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth — will there be a fight at the ceremony?).

According to the Daily News, the Ronettes have been eligible for the Hall since 1986, when it opened, but the group’s producer, who is also Ronnie Spector‘s ex-husband, vetoed their nomination.

The Ronettes

Why does Phil Spector even have a say? Sure, he’s a legend in the music industry, but shouldn’t he be busy preparing for his upcoming first-degree murder trial?

Apparently Patti Smith has been Hall-eligible for several years.


As far as I know, neither she nor anyone she’s been involved with is facing murder charges. But you never know. Check out that smirk.

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