She’s been saving all her love, I mean junk, for you


Not interested in a walk-on part on The L Word? Then have I got a more exciting auction for you!

On Tuesday Jan. 9, several hundred items belonging to Whitney Houston will be on the block, because she can’t pay the $200,000 she owes to a New Jersey storage facility that was housing (and is now selling) the goods. We’re talking couture, props, stage sets, keyboards, drum kits, furniture — even a forklift, according to the AP. Which item would you hold out for: the transparent grand piano? The church pew? The “designer Lucite cocktail stand” that Reuters reports? The “sexy black-velvet bustier with silver beading once worn by the 43-year-old diva” that E! Online mentions?


If I had the hundred quid it costs just to enter the building, I’d bid on the chair everyone’s referring to as “Whitney’s Throne.” She has a new album slated for release later this year. Buy it, don’t pirate it, so the poor woman doesn’t have to sell another toilet!

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