“Us Weekly”‘s Hot Hollywood List goes a little gay


For AfterEllen.com, one of the best things about the last few weeks of the year is the plethora of end of the year lists. And one of the first, “Hot Hollywood List” from Us Weekly, is more than a little gay, starting with the “Cast of the Year” — Glee.

As if we’re surprised. (Hi, Jane! Hi!)

“Siren of the Year” is Olivia Wilde, aka bisexual Dr. Thirteen on House.

Olivia in that strapless gown definitely makes my list of things I’m thankful for this T-Day.

“Girlfriend of the Year” is Jessica Capshaw, who plays pediatric surgeon Arizona Robbins and Callie’s love on Grey’s Anatomy.

I can’t find proof that this is the first time the GF o’ the year has been a lesbian (Arizona, not Jessica), but I think it’s a safe bet. And awesome.

The list also includes some of our other favorites, who don’t play gay for pay, but definitely keep us interested.

Jenna Fischer is “Employee of the Year” for her rise to power and general cuteness as Mrs. Pam Halpert on The Office.

Leona Lewis is “Chanteuse of the Year,” scoring big for The X-Factor and her amazing new album, Echo.

And another Echo is “Cult Fave of the Year” — Eliza Dushku for playing the hottest doll in all of television: Echo/ Caroline on Dollhouse. (Sniff.)

Do you agree with the Hot Hollywood picks? Who’s missing?

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