Paula Patton thinks playing a lesbian is important in “Precious”


If you weren’t familiar with Paula Patton before Precious, you should get acquainted with her in the new issue of Giant magazine.

Being called “the next Halle Barry” is a great compliment, especially for a relatively new actress like Paula.

Her first film was 2005’s Hitch and she’s only been in a handful since then. Fortunately for her, she’s been able to land parts in fairly high profile films like Idlewild from the men behind Outkast and now in Precious, which broke box office records this weekend.

Patton plays Ms. Rain, a lesbian teacher that helps Precious to question her life’s worth and her sexuality. In this great video of interviews, Paula discusses her love of Gabby Sidibe (the actress who played Precious) and why it was important that her character be a lesbian.

With so many other stars in the film, it’s important not to ignore Paula Patton — she’s going to be on our radar for a while. Next up: she’s in a comedy alongside Queen Latifah. I smell lesbian icon status in her future.

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