K-Fed claims Britney’s bisexual, sleeping with Kristanna Loken


Britney SpearsOkay, I made the last part of the headline up, but the first part is true – at least according to anonymous sources in a few highly disreputable tabloids, who are reporting that Britney Spears’ soon-to-be-ex-husband is contemplating writing a tell-all book which will claim “Britney has told him more than once she is sexually attracted to women and men equally” and that she “asked Kevin many times if they could have a threesome.”

Somehow Federline is under the impression that A) this would actually hurt Britney’s reputation, instead of improving it; and B) she has any reputation left to destroy. I think being married to you – and taking parenting lessons from Michael Jackson – pretty much took care of that, Fedex.

But forget about Britney’s reputation for a minute: what about all the damage this assertion will due to the reputation of bisexual women? Can they divorce Britney, too?

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