Beautiful, Like a Rainbow


Over the summer, Cyndi Lauper began mentioning in interviews she was putting together a tour with Erasure to benefit the Human Rights Campaign. Called the ”True Colors” tour, it’s currently scheduled to begin next summer, sometime in June — known in some parts as Gay Pride Month.

At a recent show I attended, Cyndi also hinted at adding other simpatico artists like Jill Sobule and Scissor Sisters to the line up.

A long-time supporter of LGBT causes, talented, and hot as hell (she looked awesome in her tight jeans at the Body Acoustic show I saw a few weeks ago,) Cyndi is one of the few straight women I’ve loved that didn’t leave me wandering despondent, drunk and naked around my house.

Details have yet to be finalized about the 2007 tour.

Anyone heard more?

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