Barbra fans: the good, the bad, and the gay


Barbra StreisandAt the Barbra concert in Florida on Monday, some jerk threw a drink (or ice, depending on which news report you read) at Ms. Streisand. This was during the little skit that features a Bush impersonator and lots of jokes about Republicans. She handled it well: She said everyone’s still entitled to speak out in this fair land of ours. Fine, but last I heard, that qualifies as assault, not speech.

I went to the concert at Madison Square Garden a few weeks ago, during which Barbra told a heckler to “shut the f*** up.” I thought it was funny, and I didn’t think there was any reason for her to apologize (as she later did). After all, it’s her stage, her show — don’t buy the ticket if you don’t also want to hear her views. The cheers from the crowd made it clear that most of her fans were glad she put the guy in his place.

There’s so much obvious sexism behind this stuff, I can’t even begin. I don’t recall any reports of politically active male performers getting booed. And people aren’t just vehemently anti-Barbra: They’re violently so. The drink-thrower should have been arrested, not just escorted out.

On a brighter note, I must share this little tidbit: There were so many lesbians at the MSG show. Like, SO many. (And the ones who had floor seats all swarmed around Rosie during intermission.) Why are we all hiding our fandom? Lesbians who love Barbra are the luckiest lesbians in the world!

(Yeah, yeah, that was lame. I meant “Down with love, let’s liquidate all its friends!”)

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