AfterEllen on the Red Carpet at The Dinah 2018!


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Videography by Sarah Woodward 

We hung out with celesbians on the red carpet at Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend 2018 and learned what their most memorable experiences have been partying among a sea of lesbians. Lauren Bedford Russell reminisced about her favorite moments that were caught on camera during her time on former hit reality TV show The Real L Word. Arielle Scarcella spoke up about infighting in the LGBT community. We were super excited to chat with The Dinah’s founder Mariah Hanson, who gave us the scoop on why she changed The White Party to The Pink Party.

Most memorable experiences at The Dinah:

Sarah Croce

“Let’s just say I showed up with someone and didn’t end up leaving with that person.”


Arielle Scarcella

“A woman named Chloe who has been coming here for 21 years… motorized right up to the dancer… No shame!  Took the money right out of her pocket and put it right in the girl’s pants… backed up, looked at me and winked, then kept going on her way.  That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life!”


Lauren Bedford Russell

“When I met my girlfriend at the time!”


 Stephanie Frosch

The highlight of the night was finding out exactly why Stephanie Frosch is single. Just watch the video. 

See you at The Dinah 2019!!!

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