Ultimate lesbian heroine poll forgets lesbians, heroines


Lesbians like the dark side.

I’m not sure what that means, either, but according to One Poll, it’s one of the reasons that Angelina Jolie is the No. 1 Ultimate Lesbian Heroine.

“Angelina was the clear winner, and she also has a dark side which many lesbians like too.”

Good to know.

The poll “spanned 2600 lesbians,” which sounds more like a motorcycle trick than a survey. Come to think of it, though, that might explain the results.

No argument with Angelina, of course — she always comes out on top. But the rest of the list is, frankly, weird. In fact, before you read on, make a quick note of your own celebrity heroes. They don’t have to be lesbians, since that obviously was not a criterion for One Poll. To inspire you, here’s one of mine:

Rachel Maddow didn’t make the One Poll list. And I think I’m safe in saying that most of your heroes aren’t here, either.

Before you jump to anyone’s defense, I am not dissing any of these women. They’re great. Well, most of them, anyway. I just can’t image 2600 lesbians anywhere that world come up with this list of top 20 heroes. Here’s the list:

1) Jolie; 2) Madonna; 3) Pink; 4) Martina Navratilova; 5) Ellen DeGeneres; 6) Kylie Minogue; 7) Lady Gaga; 8) Annie Lennox; 9) Beyoncé; 10) Germaine Greer; 11) Liza Minnelli; 12) Gwen Stefani; 13) Cher; 14) Janet Jackson; 15) Tori Amos; 16) Britney Spears; 17) Cyndi Lauper; 18) Scarlett Johansson; 19) Sarah Jessica Parker; and 20) Dolly Parton

I’m going to leave the dissection of the list to you. But here’s some food for thought.

Ellen, who obviously deserves a place on the list, is No. 5. But where’s Portia?

Pink (No. 3) and Lady Gaga (No. 7) made the top ten, but Beth Ditto is missing?

Kylie Minogue (No. 6), Liza Minnelli (No. 11) and Cher (No. 13)? I think some gay men snuck into the 2600. Madonna (No. 2) represents the diva category nicely, thank you.

Britney Spears? Janet Jackson? Beyoncé? Seriously?

Maybe I’m becoming a curmudgeon in my old age. But am I asking too much for a list of lesbian heroes to be either real lesbians or real heroes? You tell me. Who are your ultimate lesbian heroines?

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