11 Moments in 2017 That Made Lesbians Jump for Joy!


This past year, 2017 had been a good year for lesbians for multiple reasons. Look. We aren’t oblivious. We know who the President is right now. However, if you’re dragging your feet about the political mess we’re in, here is a list of moments that will make you want to jump for joy!

Let’s give ourselves a small guilt-free break.  We all deserve it.

1. The L Word announced their reboot.

If you are just now catching wind of this, then you’re welcome.  Time to reactivate your Showtime subscription and your celebrity crush.  Our favorite icons are back!  Lesbians could not get enough of Shane, Alice, Tina, and Bette. Dana, Carmen, and Jenny tore our hearts in two.  Max left us on a cliffhanger wondering what comes next.  There were a lot of mixed feelings about the ending of Season 6’s finale but what is undebatable is that everyone wanted more of The L Word.  And more we will have in 2018.  In the meantime, check out our interview with Kate Moennig from earlier this year.

2. The first ever scissoring sex toy was released.

If you were on the fence about scissoring (tribbing), this is a good reason to give it another shot.  The mastermind behind this idea was self-proclaimed lesbian geek Gabrielle Anex.  Lesbian sex partners can control their own vibration settings when using the Shi Shi Union which makes this a customizable experience.  So if your collection is already full or you’ve been reluctant to try sex toys in general, the market has something new to offer!

3. AfterEllen threw a party raising $1,000 for hurricane relief.

Bria and Chrissy / Photo Credit: Sarah Woodward

After the devastations from hurricanes Harvey and Irma, one of our staff members decided to organize a shin dig that had people partying for a purpose.  Produced by AfterEllen entertainment reporter Lily Khuu, she had a goal of raising $1,000 for hurricane relief.  Thanks to help from the community and sponsors, the donation goal was met!  The lineup had a variety of live entertainment including the beloved duo Bria & Chrissy as well as former Sick of Sarah front woman Abisha Uhl.  Rain Dove was found handing out free hugs on the dance floor before catching an interview with us back stage.  Keep an eye out for the next one as something fun is currently in the works for 2018!

4. The side shave became socially acceptable.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This one is more-so bittersweet.  Thanks to pop stars and celebrities, the side shave is no longer designated for just Salt-N-Peppa, Rihanna, and (ahem) lesbians.  This has served as both a progressive and problematic situation.  It’s always nice when society moves forward past judging each other based on their exteriors and embrace one’s artistic self-expression.  However, the side shave has served as a silent form of communication among the lesbian community during the early 2000’s much like the right-ear only earring for gay men served their community in the 1980’s.  I guess it’s time for us lesbians to get back to the drawing board.  In the meantime, enjoy walking down the street without getting weird stares.

5. Erika Linder hit theaters and streaming networks — We mean, Below Her Mouth did…

Although this film was made with an all women crew and brought female sexuality to some big screens, the common consensus is that the plot and chemistry were lacking.  One of the leading characters who played Jasmine, Natalie Krill, and the director of the movie hinted that they weren’t lesbians during a recent interview we had with them during their Los Angeles premier which unfortunately showed in the film.  The gayest thing about this film through and through was co-star Erika Linder who played Dallas.  She is a lesbian in real life and was the most believable part of the movie.  When asked how real the sex scenes were during the filming she blushed and stated that they were more real for some than others.  Gee, we wonder who!

6. Dating apps were abandoned in favor of IRL (actually meeting in person)

Photo Credit: Weheartit

From lesbian dating mixers to dance parties, a recent uprise in the female-for-female nightlife scene has given lesbians a place to meet in person.  Instead of mindlessly swiping on your cell phone you can now hit up multiple lesbian events in most major cities.  We even threw our own AfterEllen party!  There’s been a recent comeback in the lesbian social scene and we hope it stays that way!

7. Ellen DeGeneres celebrated her coming out anniversary with Oprah Winfrey and Laura Dern.

Photo by Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

The anniversary of the famous Puppy Episode where Ellen DeGeneres came out on national television in front of 42 million people was celebrated with Oprah Winfrey who played her therapist during the episode and Laura Dern who was the role of her romantic interest.  Her publicly coming out has helped countless people and birthed the start of this very website.  When there are this many powerful women in one room, another lesbian grows wings.

8. Dinah Shore Weekend had the biggest turnout they’ve ever had.

Photo Credit: Lily Khuu

With over 20,000 women in attendance, Dinah Shore Weekend was the place to be.  The fun was amped up for those who annually vacation at The Dinah as they were greeted with the biggest crowd of lesbians they’ve ever experienced.  One of the hosts was Rose Garcia from The Real L Word and the lineup had new unexpected talent including Butterscotch who blew our minds with her beatboxing, singing and guitar playing combo.  Musical artist Cee Cee Peniston and comedian Julie Goldman walked the red carpet before themed parties ended each night with hot lesbian DJs.  If you missed it last year, you better get your tickets for the next one before they sell out because it’s anticipated to be even more amazing in 2018!

9. The Fosters was renewed for a 5th Season.

It’s about time lesbians have visibility in mainstream media without the only plot being their struggle with overcoming a man’s approval.  This show is a heartfelt family-centric show where the parents just so happen to both be women and we LOVE IT.  Fortunately the Jennifer Lopez executive produced show has garnered enough attention and support to be renewed for the 5th time for a new season!

10. AfterEllen TV was officially launched.

An all lesbian crew formed earlier this year from the AfterEllen team to bring you streaming media of the hottest lesbian-loved celebrities.  From The L Word‘s Leisha Hailey to Below Her Mouth‘s Erika Linder to The Food Network‘s Hannah Hart, we’re off to a great start!  In addition to your favorite on-screen talent we’ve captured the experience of partying at The Dinah, protesting at Dyke March, and cheering at Pride.  You can expect even more this coming year as we cover Olivia Travel and red carpets across the globe!

11. Pink pussy hats.

Photo Source: Odyssey

Five million people worldwide gathered to support the Women’s March to make a stand for women’s rights and in protest of Donald Trump being elected president by the electoral college (not the people).  The march had multiple times the amount of support than the turnout for Trump’s inauguration.  This peaceful protest was a statement that brought to light the corruption in our political system felt by the greater population.  There was zero violence or riots at any of the marches setting a record as the largest global protest in history without any incidences.  Herstory was made!

Video by AfterEllen videographer Sarah Woodward.

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