Lez Dish It Out! AfterEllen’s LGBT Weekly Round-Up


Jane Lynch

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

I often forget Jane hosts Hollywood Game Night. Now that the show is approaching its fifth season, the lesbian took to Parade Magazine to chat about what fans can expect this go around.

On Expanding The Show’s Set: “We have this huge area that’s ostensibly my backyard with a lot of beautiful AstroTurf and a beautiful patio, where we’re doing games that require more space. They’re more active. For example, we do a version of Slap the Buzzer in a pool of balls, like at Chucky Cheese when kids play around in those big pools full of balls. That’s a lot of fun because it’s a lot harder to move through a pool full of balls than it is regular air.

On Hosting: “The most fun is just standing back and watching people have fun. I can always count on the celebrities to jump in there. What makes each show unique and fun for me, is that it’s a whole new dynamic and they never let me down. I have never had a bad show where I had to pull teeth in order to get people to have fun. So it’s kind of a show that hosts itself, in a way.”

On The New Games: “We do this game called In My Pants, where we put the celebrities in these ridiculous, huge pants and they have to catch balls that are shot out of a cannon at them with the pants. We have a bunch of games that for any lesser person, they’d be embarrassed.”

The show’s fifth season premiered on June 22.

Tig Notaro Opens Up About Getting Married In the South

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

In a recent episode of “Out Here in America,” Tig discussed what it was like to get hitched in her home state of Mississippi. Considering the state isn’t necessarily known for its progressive views, some considered it to be a bold move at the time. For those who’ve followed the lesbian comic for a while, however, it wasn’t a shock. Notaro has a deep connection to where she grew up, and it made sense she wanted to share that special bond with her now wife Stephanie Allynne. Luckily for the pair, gay marriage became legal in the United States the DAY after they mailed out their wedding invitations.

On Saying “I Do” In Mississippi: “So here we were, legally getting married in Mississippi. The joy and pride I felt to have our marriage certificate say the state of Mississippi — it was just like gosh, I can’t believe we are saying this. I have that hometown pride with the state, and I refuse to leave it behind and discard it.”

On Vacationing In The Deep South:“We took this trip to Jackson. We both felt scared, because we could be kicked out of a hotel. We could be kicked out of a restaurant. It was the first time I felt scared.”

 You can listen to the full interview below:

That’s a wrap. Live your best lives everybody!

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