YouTube Stars Ari Fitz, Hannah Hart, and Amber’s Closet Open Up at Out Web Fest


AfterEllen went to Out Web Fest where we celebrated what it means to be out, loud, and proud with these amazing LGBT and ally YouTubers!

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Lily Khuu, Entertainment Reporter/Sarah Woodward, Video Journalist

Our favorite content creators opened up about the reason they created their YouTube channels and how it has impacted the LGBT community as a whole.

Ari Fitz seeks to normalize all identities through her work.  “I make videos and I don’t ever apologize for the fact that I am queer, I am brown, I am female, I am androgynous.”

Sarah Woodward

Sarah Woodward

Hannah Hart talks about being an LGBT public figure with a conservative family.   “I dealt with so much of my own homophobic tension growing up that not only becoming– but embracing –being a role model and an LGBT public figure has given me the opportunity to grow at a scale and a rate that I had never anticipated.”


Sarah Woodward

Amber from Amber’s Closet shares how she sometimes ends up in tears when meeting her fans because her videos have literally saved their lives.  “[They’ve] told me that I helped save them from suicide.”

Sarah Woodward

Sarah Woodward

Behind the Scenes with AfterEllen:


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