Meet Niña Dioz, Mexico’s First Openly Gay Female Hip-Hop Artist



Niña Dioz is a hip-hop artist from Monterey, Mexico, and she just released her new hit single and music video, “Dale.”  She agreed to speak with AfterEllen about her music, coming out, being new to the US, and being Mexico’s first openly lesbian rapper! Watch her coming out story in the video below, read our exclusive interview and be sure to check out her music video! (scroll down for that clip)

Afterellen.Com: When did you first become interested in hip-hop?

Niña Dioz: I was a kid and MTV was the source to discover artists and I saw music videos from The Fugees, TLC, Beasty Boys, Missy Elliot. It really blew my mind ! Then I remember a friend came from the US with Dr Dre´s second album 2001, and it had a marijuana leaf on the cover. I was holding it in my hands like some fine piece of art, I was so amazed. At the same time I knew if my mom saw that I was listening an album about smoking weed , she would get so pissed!

AE: Who are some of your influences?

ND: I grew up listening to a lot of different music from Metallica to Nirvana, to Madonna to Cypress Hill.

AE: What is the world of hip-hop like for women in general, and what are the challenges of being a gay woman making hip-hop?

ND: When I started, the scene was quite sexist, 90% of the audience and the rappers were men. I had fear every time I would perform to be bullied or something, but it really didn’t happen. Some guys were impressed with my talent and they were welcoming. And also found others trying to close the doors on me just because I was a queer women making hip hop. I think for me being “out” is that I’m saying: here I am, and I am part of this movement. I’m doing my part, creating a safer space for everyone. At this moment, I’m the only openly gay rapper in Mexico.


AE: Has coming out publicly influenced your music?

ND: I just feel more open and also committed to do what is truth to me. When I stand against haters and internet trolls and I just keep focused on my work. It’s not only for me is also for those without a voice. Where I’m from, women are getting killed just because they’re women. It’s necessary to keep fighting for equality and I can use my music as a tool.

AE: What is your advice for young women who are interested in hip hop?

ND: My advice is for you to do the music that is real to you, don’t be afraid to be different, don’t be afraid of what other people say , dream big because everything is possible, and  if you love it enough it will become a necessity.

AE: What do you most want your fans to know about you?

ND: Well , I want people in the queer community to get to know me because I just recently moved to the States.  I’m now in L.A.,  and would love for you to watch me perform in a city near you. So find me on the social media and holla at me! @ninadioz FB: Niña Dioz

Check out her new music video:



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