Young Lesbian Couple Comes Out in The Best Way!


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This might be one of the most heartwarming – and unique – ways to come out we’ve ever seen. A young woman wrote to one of her favorite bands to thank them for their music, sharing that it helped her and her girlfriend overcome some difficult times. Hailee Ritcey requested a song from the group ARIZONA to dedicate to her girlfriend, Carly, on a trip to watch the trio perform live in Seattle.

But she got so much more than a song dedication!

The band responded with an invite to the couple to share their love story through a moving, heartwarming music video. After its release, Ritcey found the courage to share the Electric Touch video on social media, and come out in a big way.

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“For a long time this day has filled me with so much fear and anxiety. I’ve never been really sure what I would say, why I felt like I needed to post, or why it even mattered at all.  It’s taken me a long time to come to this level of confidence with myself and with my relationship. I have been so lucky to have wonderful family and friends that have really helped me to this point. And I’ve realized the people that truly love and care about you always will, regardless. So a few months ago Carly and I took a trip to Seattle to see one of our favorite bands. Because their music means so much to us I decided to reach out to them. I knew it was a long shot to even get a response but then they took it one step further. They asked us to tell our story through their music. So this is my girlfriend. And this is A R I Z O N A. Thank you A R I Z O N A for creating this incredible opportunity for us and thank you for your music. So much love!”

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Are you in love with this adorable couple yet? Watch:

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