Badass Lesbian DJs

DJ’s we love in 2018 and beyond.

Ruby Rose

Kimberly White/Getty

Kimberly White/Getty

A lesbian household name, this Orange Is The New Black (OITNB) star caught the attention of the entire lesbian community with her vivacious personality and cunning good looks.

Kate Moennig and Camila Grey (The X Names)

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Seemingly the lesbian icon for the turn of the century, Kate Moennig perfected androgyny in the first television series focused specifically around the lives of lesbians — The L Word.  Kate performs in a DJ duo The X Names which includes the Uh Huh Her musician Camila Grey for their underground event — The Bassment.

Samantha Ronson

Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

This English DJ and singer/songwriter originally from London and has played major gigs having been hired by MTV and the Super Bowl. Samantha has also played for a long list of celebrities including Stevie Wonder, Ellen DeGeneres, Natalie Portman, and Jay-Z.

Taryn Manning

Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

This vocalist got her claim to fame after playing one of the most controversial characters, Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett, in Orange is the New Black and can currently be seen performing in the band Boomkat.

Gunn Lundemo and Daniela Sea



Helping bring transgender issues to the forefront of entertainment media, Daniela Sea played a trans man, Max Sweeney, in Showtime’s The L Word.  She tours with Scandinavian DJ Gunn Lundemo, the most well-known DJ in the Swedish lesbian scene.

DJ Lezlee and DJ Angie Vee

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This DJ duo has the best of both worlds.  As longtime romantic partners Leslie Hornedo and Angie Vasquez get to mix business and pleasure on the regular.

Belinda Becker



This multi-talented DJ, dancer, actor, and activist performed at the 2016 New York City Pride festival and hosted a regular late night show on Radio Lily.

DJ Citizen Jane



The hottest DJ in Miami, Jane has played for The Dinah, Womenfest, and Plezzure Island.

Whitney Day

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Originating in the New York City club scene, this bi-coastal DJ and event producer has performed all over the world.  She can be found in both NYC and Los Angeles bringing energy to the local nightlife scenes.

DJ GoodBoy



Originally a Chicago YouTube vlogger for Cherry Girl TV GoodBoy (Morgan Hildebrand) took WeHo (West Hollywood) by storm in the Los Angeles gay scene after teaching herself to DJ.  She started one of the biggest lesbian parties in Los Angeles with DJ Bounce House (Steph Belcher) and Jenny Shah (Little Indian) — Milk Milk Lemonade.

DJ Bounce House



This talented EDM extraodinaire, Steph Belcher, can be found in festivals all over Southern California when Bounce isn’t helping bring the party to the Milk Milk Lemonade crew.

DJ Little Indian



In addition to helping form Milk Milk Lemonade, Jenny Shah can be found at parties all over LA including the annual B.O.Y (Be Only You) event.

DJ Mary Mac

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This Dinah Shore DJ was recently hired by Madonna to join the pop star on her Rebel Heart Tour.

JD Samson

Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images

This international artist is known for being a band member of Le Tigre and MEN.  JD has produced music for Grammy award winning artists.

DJ Kittens

Photo by Michael Bezjian/Getty Images

Photo by Michael Bezjian/Getty Images

Kid Cudi’s DJ and part of the HW&W record label.

DJ Asha



This international London-based versatile DJ has been featured on MTV and has hosted prime time shows for the BBC.

DJ Amara



Seen on Fox’s hit TV show The Mindy Project, DJ Amara has opened for notable celebrities including Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Iggy Azalea.

DJ LiquorBox



Another Chicago to Los Angeles transplant, DJ LiquorBox has been spinning since the tender age of 19 years old and can be seen all over the LA nightclub scene.

DJ Miss M



This Canadian DJ has made headlines all over the U.S. having won the NYC’s Global Spin Awards and was the 2016 Dinah Shore Battle of the DJs winner.  Of talent she has opened for, T-Pain and Nelly are just a few on the list.

Megatronic (AKA DJ Miss Meg)



This international musical artist is known for her role as the singer/songwriter in the British/French electro pop band Black Cherry.  She can be found releasing new songs for her solo albums and DJing around the world.

Lauren Flax

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Currently a member of the Brooklyn-based band CREEP and previously part of the Fischerspooner tour.  Lauren’s first single, “You’ve Changed,” featured vocals by Sia.

Kim Anh

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This globally recognized DJ can be found hosting events in both NYC and LA.  Her remix of Sam Sparro’s “Happiness” topped the European pop and dance charts.

DJ Les Ortiz



DJ Les Ortiz can be seen performing at The Real L-Word’s reality TV star and celesbian Whitney Mixter’s hosted parties as well as in other cities at local lesbian events.

DJ Anon



Anna Sitko co-founded the radio show Echolocation which was picked up by PirateTV.  She has performed for crowds of 10,000 among Richard Devine, Adam Freeland, and L’Usine.

DJ Bathhouse



Bathhouse co-hosts the underground Highland Park queer party Quintessential Queer alongside Cherry Bomb reality TV star Charlene Borja.

Notorious Jen


Ting Ting

This LA native DJ has been spinning since her teens and was recently nominated for the “Best of LGBT Long Beach 2016 – Local DJ” award.  She previously held a two year residency at The Hollywood Standard and currently runs events in Long Beach.

Autumn Leilani



As an open-format DJ, Autumn Leilani mixes everything.  In addition to being a performer she also producers her own original music.  She can be found all over the LA party scene.

Von Kiss



International Club DJ, Von Kiss, is on everybody’s radar.  She has performed alongside 2 Chainz, Snoop Dogg, and LFMAO to name only a few among the incredible talent on her list.


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