6 Non-Profits Started by Gay Women


Anyone who has ever worked for a non-profit can attest to how hard you have to work on a regular basis, and often for little financial compensation. Being selfless is a tough job, but thankfully, there are many, many people who find other humans, animals and the shared experience of living in this world together as a viable career choice or passion project. They aren’t celebrated as often as they should be, which is why we’re dedicating this post to honoring six incredible non-profits that were created by out women, doing the kind of work we all benefit from and admire.

Girls Bands Rockgbrockvia GirlBandsRock.org

The members of the all-woman band Antigone Rising started GBR to “to inspire young girls and LGBT youth to pursue non-traditional career paths,” which of course, includes learning how to rock out. Kristen Henderson, Cathy Henderson, Nini Camps and Dena Tauriello partner with schools and youth centers to put on workshops and performances all over the world, encouraging minority youth to express themselves through music and art.

Philly Girls in Motionpgimvia Facebook

Triathlete Beth Devine has been a basketball and soccer coach for several years, but it was after working with schools in Philadelphia that she realized young girls needed more opportunities to learn about fitness and nutrition. She worked with experts and local rec centers to launch PGIM, creating programming solely to the needs of creating and encouraging physical and mental health for young women.

National Center for Lesbian Rights12195790_10153267628468963_740298993346054167_nvia Facebook

The NCLR has been working to demand rights for gay-identified women since 1977 when out activist Donna Hitchens became frustrated with the hardships she faced as a legal scholar and an out lesbian. Originally called The Lesbian Rights Project, the NCLR has been integral in several legal battles for lesbian and bisexual women’s rights, offering necessary free legal assistance to LGBT people and families in need, as well as creating community initiatives like the #BornPerfect campaign, which is fighting against harmful conversion therapy practices in the United States.

Southerners On New Ground 13087558_1248824895131233_6713637050164262393_nvia Facebook

SONG co-founders Caitlin Breedlove and Mandy Carter started their Atlanta-based non-profit in 1993, aiming to “build, drive, amplify, and support Southern intersectional movement work thru regional capacity building, leadership development, and organizing.” They have been creating spaces and campaigns to support LGBT Southerners, from big cities to small towns, including recent religious freedom laws passed in Mississippi and North Carolina.

Immigration Equality11209512_10153474344624595_2674350325104507948_nvia Facebook

Co-founders Suzanne Goldberg and Noemi Massillon are passionate about helping the people of more than 80 countries where it is illegal to be LGBT, and at any given time, represent around 500 individuals “who have fled violence and persecution in their country of origin.” For more than 20 years, IE has provided the resources to LGBT families and people who are looking for a way to live freely and safely in the United States, which is sadly more necessary now than ever.

Br{ache the SilenceALLINGroupShotvia BTS

With BTS, former basketball player Nevin Caple aims to “shift the focus from homophobia to inclusion and increase the visibility of role models in women’s sports.” Along with current and former pro athletes, the organization creates conversations about bashing stereotypes and creating positive environments for both coaches and athletes in the locker room and on the court.

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