25 Amazing Lesbian GIFS

25 amazing lesbian GIFS with descriptions. Because it’s Tuesday.


tumblr_nwu9e8Ep041rou3bro2_400just two human honeycombs making out

tumblr_nydkpp56Xg1snla30o1_400YEAH SUCK MY LARYNX SUCK IT REAL GOOD

tumblr_o2d2qljVOj1qf0usxo1_400we’re like twins with voluminous hair and lesbian urges


tumblr_nzqd6yjGw81sqhsgqo1_500let me eat your face before the killer comes back and he eats your face

tumblr_nwhcagGOrn1u1etevo1_250this is the place

tumblr_nogsq6ltXg1uo645ao1_500where did you even put that

tumblr_nt8ascrTZt1rwfe5ao5_540you had me at your sensible braid

tumblr_o1uoyh9OiZ1ullw6fo1_500our love is like bubblegum / end of haiku

tumblr_mtsk1tVWnh1somvqno1_500take it off you sexy clone nerd take it all off

tumblr_m0ohr48H8A1rn7mt4o1_500you need to stop taking so much acid. it’s making you gay

tumblr_mw0dyzzHkJ1rec42ko1_500but what if

tumblr_o1fxadF5KJ1r85s9vo1_500ima kiss you slowly and then bite my lip because i know ladies like that


tumblr_lgzs7d4ySs1qfy2kdo1_500there’s no other reasonable explanation

tumblr_mj07pajkeY1rwuj4qo1_500wrap your legs and sheets around me. i like to feel snuggled

tumblr_m438tjQ7FT1qh7487o1_r2_500let me hold your hand to my crotch, like bestest gal pals

tumblr_mro27nkBGf1st9v41o1_500and feathered hair

tumblr_n8ar31tqXd1qg0u4go1_500tumblr_n8ar31tqXd1qg0u4go2_500 so real I had to make it a twofer

tumblr_n6vd7oM6cj1ql5uk7o1_250tumblr_n6vd7oM6cj1ql5uk7o2_250tumblr_n6vd7oM6cj1ql5uk7o3_250tumblr_n6vd7oM6cj1ql5uk7o4_250so unreal I had to go foursies

tumblr_meil0wfqCD1rs8ujlo1_250heavy breathing

tumblr_n8uee0dN1m1qf3vh0o1_500I’m just really really really good looking but I also want to be taken seriously as an artist.

tumblr_n8ag669lpv1r721meo1_500let me shield your eyes from the patriarchy

tumblr_n1nbx264Kz1qaov95o6_250LET ME SHOW YOU PRIDE

tumblr_n3wv6wuwt31trownxo1_400I like you more than valencia

tumblr_n1oe91gOvr1rssrt4o1_500this is how homosexuality is spread


End of discussion.

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