The Huddle: Stereotype Busting


Some stereotypes about queer women can be true, but most of the time, they only apply to some of us. There are as many womanizing Shane McCutcheons as there are U-Hauling serial monogamists; as many women who prefer heels to sneakers, and plenty who rock both. So today’s Huddle is dedicated to busting the assumptions people have about lesbian/bi women.

Group, what’s something about you that doesn’t fit in with the stereotype?   

Dana Piccoli: Watching YouTube makeup tutorials. I mean, I’m wearing flannel when I do it, but still. 


Miranda Meyer: I enjoy the process of putting on makeup. I think it’s because it lets me focus on something really minute and precise that’s outside my own brain. I can lose all track of time doing it, is the problem. 

Natasha Negovanlis: People often assume I’m not getting any lady lovings when my nails are long or super polished, or that my nails reflect my sex life, but the truth is they reflect my work. As do my outfits. Being an actress means having to look a certain way for certain roles, and the truth is, I have a crippling habit of picking at my cuticles to the point where they bleed. So sometimes when I’m playing ultra femme or straight, and/or have to be on camera, I get fake tips because they’re not sharp and prevent me from hacking away at my fingers and give them time to heal. Getting weekly manicures is also just much enjoyed me time. You hear that, ladies? THEY’RE NOT SHARP.


Grace Chu: I prefer pretty much every musical genre over gals with acoustic guitars.


Elaine Atwell: I have never changed a car tire to completion. I mean, I think I could, but every time I get a flat, industrious young men just appear and offer to fix it, and I let them.


Chloe: I can’t fix anything.


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