Beth Ditto, the accidental fashion icon


We’ve discussed before how Beth Ditto, has made a name for herself in the fashion world, and given that she’s been all over Paris Fashion Week, it doesn’t seem like she’ll be slowing down anytime soon. She’s been spotted in the front rows of almost every important fashion show, including those of Stella McCartney and Chanel.

After this week’s Alexander McQueen show, which she was, of course, in attendance, Ditto spoke to the Wall Street Journal, saying she began receiving more exclusive runway show invites after her appearance on the new Conde Nast fashion magazine, Love.

Beth Ditto

As Katie Gand, the editor of Love, said in a letter in the publication:

There are certain things I love in women and Beth Ditto has them all in droves. She says the wrong things. She looks the wrong way. But she makes you think about what ‘the right way’ is, anyway.

So, was it wrong of Beth to strip off her five-piece costume that Karl Lagerfeld designed specifically for her to wear during her band’s performance at his private Fendi show after party in Paris on Wednesday? So wrong, it was right, because the crowd ate it up.

Kate Moss, Karl Lagerfeld and Beth Ditto

According to the Telegraph, Beth first appeared on stage in a five-piece, black sequined outfit complete with tunic, miniskirt and platform shoes (supposedly put together with the help of her pal, Kate Moss) which she promptly tore off, eventually ending up in just a black sequined bra, thong and fishnets.

And, if that weren’t enough to get people’s attention, Beth ended the Gossip’s set by stage diving into the audience. Classic Beth Ditto!

Beth Ditto

While she has definitely managed to anchor herself to the fashion world with her own nonconformist style, Ditto told the WSJ, “I am not really a fashion icon. I wouldn’t go that far.”

Sure, she’s much more of a rock star. But perhaps we can all agree she’s a bit of an accidental icon. What do you think?

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