British musician MIRI on her brand of soulful street pop and starring in “She’s in London”


UK based singer/songwriter/actor MIRI might not be a gal-on-gal household name quite yet but she’ll soon be filling up our earbuds and MacBook screens with her EP, Sound Vibrations, and starring in the lesbian-themed Tello series She’s in London. Her sound is her take on a sort of folky street pop, tinged with a very particular soulful quality that the Brits seem to have mastered.

Currently in the middle of a PledgeMusic campaign to finish her EP MIRI took time to answer a few of our burning questions about her music and lesbian life in London.

image00photos via MIRI How’d you find yourself in music?

MIRI: A while back when I left school, I made a short film with my songs in it. I received interest from an A&R guy and began my career in music. I learned music production, worked as a project tutor for a music and media charity and travelled to South Africa with the charity organization to work on a project. While in London I helped run live music events promoting UK hip hop and soul artists. I did street promotion for record labels, signed to management, indie labels, received interest from major labels, got rejected a bit, and worked quite a few different jobs over the years to fund my music before becoming a full time music artist and co promoter of monthly live music night, Blue Monday.


AE: How would you describe your sound?

MIRI: Soulful indie pop.


AE: Can you tell us a bit about your forthcoming EP Sound Vibrations and what the music means to you?

MIRI: The concept of the EP is about raising vibrations through music. Music is such a powerful outlet and means everything to me. The EP will have four tracks which I hope will connect and inspire people. If I can raise enough money through crowdfunding I’d love to record a fifth.


AE: How are you finding the experience of crowdsourcing with PledgeMusic?

MIRI: It’s been fun. I was a little resistant at first because I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about asking people for pledges. Now I’m getting to grips with it more. I love that I’m able to release exclusive downloads and video messages to everyone who’s made a pledge and showed love to the campaign. I have so many songs I’ve written over the years I’m just grateful for the opportunity to raise the funds to record some of them to unleash into the world!

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