Bisexual comic Casey Jane Ellison stars in “The Right & Left Brains of Casey Jane’s”


Bisexual comic Casey Jane Ellison is starring in a new branded video series with BB Dakota called The Right & Left Brains of Casey Jane’s, and it’s a hilariously queer and modern take on being a young woman trying to figure out what to do with her life. (Sound familiar? If you haven’t gone through this phase of your life yet, you will. Sorry.)

In the first episode, Casey gets fired by her boss (played by out artist Leilah Weinraub) from her not-so-dream job. 

Episode 2 has Casey’s two sides battling with a third over how she’s dealing with owing rent to her roommate. There’s also a casual mention of how she has four moms.

And in episode 3, “Cister Sister,” Casey ponders if it’s feminist to find someone to take care of her.

Casey decides to find someone that will help her monetarily, so she agrees to go on a date with Rich Alex. But their date is interrupted by her violent ex-girlfriend, Jessica (fashion designer Peggy Noland). (Definitely my least favorite part of the series, as we all know domestic violence is a serious issue within same-sex relationships.)

Then Casey goes to the doctor because “Jessica kneed us pretty hard in the groin.”

In the final episode, Casey throws a house party to raise rent money. Jessica comes and apologizes, and then a stripping cop shows up.

BTW, I love BB Dakota so all of the fashion is an added bonus. A cool queer series in partnership with a bad ass brand? Sold!

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