AfterEllen’s Chat Room: “Ex-Girlfriend Rules” (Episode 4)



The internet is full of videos with lesbians explaining how or why or what we do to inquiring minds. Daytime TV is full of women (and sometimes lesbians!) who talk from a queer point of view on broad topics. But what we wanted to create with AfterEllen’s Chat Room was a place where women who date other women come together and answer questions about ex-girlfriends, friendships, family relationships and other topics that we have unique (and differing) perspectives on. We’ll have a different panel of lezsplainers (as we affectionally call them) every episode, sharing their own thoughts, ideas and experiences.


Laura Zak is an actress, writer, producer and the co-creator of Hashtag and the new series Her Story. Follow her: @la_wa


Erin Faith Wilson is a regular AfterEllen contributor who also writes for The Advocate, Felix magazine and DesignSponge. She is a Detroit native and has been married to her Canadian wife for two years. Follow her: @erinfaithwilson


Samee Junio is the co-host of a podcast called Second First Time with Ever Mainard. She’s also the  producer of other people’s podcasts (including AfterEllen’s own Hollywood QCast). Follow her: @sameejunio

In this week’s episode, we’re talking about ex-girlfriends. Can you be friends with all of your exes? And how do you feel when your partner is friends with her ex?

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