Jessica Capshaw stays on “Grey’s”


Arizona and her butterfly-decorated scrub cap will be perking up Seattle Grace awhile longer.

According to EW’s Michael Ausiello, Jessica Capshaw has signed a contract to appear in all remaining episodes of Grey’s Anatomy this season, with an option to return as a series regular next fall.

No other details — like whether she will be required to wear roller shoes in every episode — are available, and no official announcement has yet been made.

Capshaw joined Grey’s Anatomy last month as pediatric surgeon Dr. Arizona Robbins for an initial stint of three episodes. She indicated an interest in the hospital’s resident bisexual woman, Callie (Sara Ramirez), but then turned her down for a date when she discovered Callie was still in the exploratory phase of coming out.

We don’t know if Arizona is gay or bisexual — so far she has kissed Callie, and been seen on a date with a woman — but we do know **spoiler alert** that she and Callie are headed for a relationship, based on comments made by ABC President Steve McPherson at the TCA Winter Press Tour last month.

Will this be enough to get you to start — or continue — watching Grey’s, after the Brooke Smith-firing debacle?

Either way, you can stay up on what’s happening on the blog, as Dara will be back doing a mini-cap of the Grey’s episodes each Friday, starting with the next new episode.

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