More naked truths about Lindsay Lohan


Oh, Lindsay Lohan. What are we going to do with you? Another semi-nude photo shoot, another reason for us to titter about you. Lindsay’s latest is a shoot with renowned designer/photographer Hedi Slimane. Known for his penchant for black-and-white portraits of super-slim models, Slimane’s Lindsay shoot delivers on both — and a little too much.

Looking thinner than I can ever remember seeing her before, the 22-year-old actress poses in her ever-present black leggings and alternately a leather jacket, tank top and nothing but her hair. See the full set at Slimane’s official website. The Lady Godiva shots are the most striking, not because of her long hair but because they confirm her newfound inclusion in the “For the love of God, please eat a sandwich” ranks of starlets.

Over the years I’ve developed a John Kerry-like relationship with La Lohan. I was with her before I was against her. Back in her redheaded, adorably perky, twinkly eyed Mean Girls years, I thought her talent was limitless. But then the fame trap happened and so did drugs and alcohol and car crashes and bleary-eyed arrests.

Still, after all that ugliness, it seemed like maybe Lilo had turned a corner. And, you know, the gay thing certainly didn’t hurt. Now, I just feel like holding up a banner that reads: “Welcome to the family. Let us feed you a nice nutritious home-cooked meal.”

So, what do you think about Lindsay’s latest photo shoot? Too thin, too exposed or just right?

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