AfterEllen’s Chat Room: “Meet the Parents” (Episode 3)



The internet is full of videos with lesbians explaining how or why or what we do to inquiring minds. Daytime TV is full of women (and sometimes lesbians!) who talk from a queer point of view on broad topics. But what we wanted to create with AfterEllen’s Chat Room was a place where women who date other women come together and answer questions about ex-girlfriends, friendships, family relationships and other topics that we have unique (and differing) perspectives on. We’ll have a different panel of lezsplainers (as we affectionally call them) every episode, sharing their own thoughts, ideas and experiences.

In the third episode, we are talking about family relationships after the coming out phase. What’s it like to bring a girl home to meet the parents? And what about meeting her family?

Meet this week’s LezSplainers:


Lindsay Hicks is a writer and actress. You may have seen her in the Pivot series The Better Half, The Lphabet or Pride: The Series. Next she can be seen in Her Story. Follow her: @linzhicks


Haviland Stillwell is an actress and musician. She recently appeared in Magic Mike XXL and Selma, but has also been in Single Ladies, Eastwick, CSI: NY and Easy Abby. Follow her: @misshaviland


Lianna Carrera is a comic, writer and actor. She’s written for Huffington Post Comedy, appeared in The Lphabet and has a role in the second season of Easy Abby. She’s currently at work on her own series, Boyish. Follow her: @liannac

Check back next Tuesday for another episode.

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