Rumor has it Kanye West’s girlfriend “was” a lesbian


Gossip rags are reporting that Kanye West’s new girlfriend, music video dancer Amber Rose was (or is) a lesbian. Before dating Kanye, Amber was reportedly in a relationship with a woman named Trevon who was featured in a 2005 documentary about lesbians, The Aggressives.

Apparently, after meeting the musician, Amber dumped Trevon. And because of this, according to the press, Amber is either a former lesbian or a lesbian beard for Kanye, as he is constantly dogged by gay rumors.

But I’m going to go out on a limb and put out a bold new theory: Amber Rose could be bisexual! Dun dun dun!

The fact that Amber is dating Kanye doesn’t necessarily mean that she no longer likes women, it could just mean that she’s bisexual and right now she’s dating a man. Shocking, I know, gossip media.

The thing that strikes me about Amber Rose, is not her supposed former female-loving ways, but her style and look. She reminds me of those fembots in the Svedka Vodka commercials.

Maybe she’s not a former or active lesbian; maybe she’s not even bisexual. Maybe she’s a robot!

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