Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher butch up for new calendar


Cameron Esposito (Mother’s Day) and Rhea Butcher (Last Comic Standing) are stand-up comics who often tour together because, well, they’re engaged so what’s better than hitting the road with your wife-to-be? The couple are releasing a new menswear calendar of butch pin-up shots called Butch-Ups, which is available from Kill Rock Stars right now, as they set out on their third national tour together. 


ButchUps_Decemberimages by Robyn VonSwank

“Years ago I shifted to wearing only menswear—and the occasional piece of womenswear built to look like menswear,” Cameron said. “I’ve got big boobs and sometimes I need a vest with some room. Rhea’s been wearing menswear since she was a kid—she’s cooler than me. Women talk to Rhea and I after every show about my/their/Rhea’s clothes because we celebrate androgyny and butch gender expression. Why Butch-Ups? Well, cuz the world needs more butcher pin-ups.”

“And Butcher pin-ups,” Rhea added.

“Rhea has the perfect last name,” Cameron said.

Rhea: “I really do.”

Check out Cameron and Rhea when they are in a city near you:

10/9 NEW YORK, NY Gramercy Theatre

10/14 DENVER, CO Hi-Dive

10/16 PORTLAND, OR Mississippi Studios

10/17 SEATTLE, WA Neptune Theatre

10/24 SACRAMENTO, CA Sacramento Comedy Spot

10/25 SAN FRANCISCO, CA The Independent

11/3 KANSAS CITY, MO RecordBar

11/5 COLUMBIA, MO Rose Music Hall

11/6 ST LOUIS, MO Firebird

11/17 PORTSMOUTH, NH 3S Artspace

11/19 BOSTON, MA Brighton Music Hall

12/10 CHICAGO, IL Thalia Hall

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