In Bed with Natasha Negovanlis


The morning after Natasha Negovanlis walked the Streamys red carpet, I rolled up to her suite at the W Hotel in Hollywood. Buzz surrounding the pansexual Canadian starlet had been mounting since she was nominated for a “Best Actress” award for her titular role in Carmilla. Just hours before, the classically trained actress had lost the award to YouTuber Miranda Sings. Natasha doesn’t seem phased, meeting me outside the hotel and treating us to matching lattes. We commiserate over travel horror stories and our half-Greek heritage before heading up to her plush hotel room and getting down to the dirty business of interviewing.

We’ve gathered here today to talk about music, namely the stunning two tracks Natasha released online just weeks before. “27” and “Nothing” are just a small taste of her striking vocal talent, but fans are already salivating to hear Natasha Negovanlis’s upcoming EP.

Watch the interview below to find out Natasha’s musical debut, experience at the Streamys, romantic muses, and pet peeves. I also talk her into showing us her criminally underused cockney and Quebec accents. Check it.

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