Margaret Cho writes a song for Miley Cyrus


A picture spoke well over a thousand words for Miley Cyrus this week, who has taken quite the public beating after an obviously racist (or at the very least completely ignorant) photograph surfaced.

The picture features Cyrus and friends slanting their eyes, seemingly an attempt to mock the only person in the group who isn’t involved in their game of “goofy face” — an Asian man. The photo sparked outrage from fans, the general public and Margaret Cho.

“In no way was I making fun of any ethnicity!” Cyrus wrote in her blog. “I was simply making a goofy face. When did that become newsworthy?” She went on feeling sorry for herself and accusing the media of turning her into a “bad girl.”

Well, Cho saw the photo and thinks Ms. Cyrus is full of it.

Pissed off by Cyrus’ obvious ignorance followed up by denial of such ignorance, Cho decided to write a song about the incident. I personally think it’s far superior to any of Miley’s songs. Here goes:

Miley Cyrus made some chinky eyes

Standing behind an Asian guy

I don’t know if this should fly

As if there wasn’t enough to despise

I wasn’t necessarily a fan of

Her, her dad, or Hannah Montana

I tend to prefer the songs of Rihanna

Racism against Asians is simply bananas!

Oh Miley!

Chinky eyes make you look wily

prejudice isn’t thought of so highly

it doesn’t make us all smiley

Why is there nothing that Asians can do?

To make fun of other races as easily as you

Why isn’t racism against Asians taboo?

Why are we always so racially screwed!

All you have to do is pull at your face

To make your eyelids resemble our race

This kind of joke has no proper place

Miley Cyrus is a disgrace!

I am hoping Cho takes to the stage with her ditty, since history has proven Cho’s angry protest songs to be pretty fabulous.

If Miley isn’t scared of Cho, which she probably should be, she may be a bit frightened by the lawsuit she was slapped with on Thursday.

A woman filed the class action suit claiming to represent more than 1 million people of Asian Pacific Islander descent in the Los Angeles area who were offended by the photograph. The suit says Cyrus “had actual knowledge that her conduct was in fact a form of racism” and asks for $4 billion in damages.

While I don’t think a $4 billion payout is necessary, the bratty pop star should learn a thing or two from this whole ordeal.

Maybe Margaret Cho needs to sit her down and give her a talking to. What do you think of the Miley Cyrus racist photo debacle?

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