Evvol on their new album “Eternalism” and the changing tide for queer musicians


The artist’s dream is alive in Berlin, the singularly cool city that has both Brooklyn and Silver Lake trembling with jealousy. A city with no discernable industry and an actual rent cap—dare to dream—it’s littered with creatives of all kinds. Home to some of your favorite and soon to be favorite bands, one of which is Evvol, the seasoned darkwave electronic project of real life partners Julie Chance and Jon Dark.

In the midst of the whirlwind of the release of their full-length Eternalism on July 24, Jon took time to answer a few questions for AfterEllen and let us peek behind the veil on the mysterious band.

evvolphoto via Evvol

AfterEllen.com: How did Evvol come to be?

Jon Dark: Evvol was born in 2014. After Julie and I broke up, our old band broke up, too. After a year break we got back together and started to write music again and those songs make up our debut album Eternalism which came out last week!


AE: How did you both independently decide on Berlin as a home base?

JD: Julie already lived here and I was living in Paris, that’s where we met, Julie convinced me as a musician I really should be living in Berlin, so that’s what I did. It’s a good place to be for artists. It allows time and space to create. We are inspired here every day.


AE: What can we expect from Eternalism and how is it different from the music you were making previously?

JD: Eternalism should be listened to as a full body of work, from start to finish. We are both album fans. An album should take you on a journey and that’s what this does. It’s not too far from what we were doing previously, it’s still quite dark and moody but perhaps it gets to the point quicker.

AE: What’s it been like working with !K7 records?

JD: Really great, we have always been !K7 fans so feels really nice to be part of the family.


AE: What is the climate like for queer musicians in Europe?

JD: It’s great. We just played the first queer music festival in Germany called Yo! Sissy and France just had a huge gay music festival called Out and Loud.


AE: How do you think it differs from North America, if at all?

JD: I’m not sure as we have not played any queer festivals over there so to speak, but it seems at the moment, in general, a lot of queer artists are getting long over due recognition for their work, particularly in the hip hop scene which has been traditionally homophobic. It really doesn’t matter if you’re a gay musician anymore—the focus is just on the music, as it should be.


AE: What’s your current jam?

JD: Currently loving TT The Artist. we just saw her kill it at Yo! Sissy Festival last weekend.


AE: After your album release what comes next for Evvol?

JD: We are just about to write our next EP, then after the summer we go on tour.


AE: What’s one thing we wouldn’t be able to find out about you through an internet lurk?

JD: We can make almond milk fresh from the nut.

For more on Evvol, visit their Soundcloud, Facebook or website.

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