Vivica A. Fox’s career has gone missing


Technology is getting to be so good. Honestly, I can’t believe that somehow the Psychic Friends Network was able to take actress Vivica A. Fox‘s face, voice and complete likeness to use it for their new commercials without her permission. It almost seems unbelievable.

OK, I’m sorry — it is completely unbelievable. Fox is claiming, however, that they did not have her permission to run these advertisements.

Really, Ms. Fox? Perhaps you just forgot about going to the set, talking about the Psychic Friends on camera, and cashing that paycheck.

I know times are rough, but at least I would own up to the fact that I was on the road to becoming Dianne Warwick, and not in that whole immortalized-forever-from-My-Best-Friend’s-Wedding kind of way.

Even if anyone was able to suspend their beliefs on this commercial business, there’s already another indicator that Vivica Fox’s career has gone downhill. She’s went from starring in movies like Independence Day, Set It Off and Kill Bill to hosting a new reality dating show called The Cougar.

Vivica Fox, I’ll say a little prayer for you — or at least, your career.

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