The Season 2 finale of “Red” delivers passion and major cliffhangers


Red is arguably one of the best queer web series out there, and we have much love for the Brazil based show. After eight drama and desire filled episodes, the second season finale left us with some intense resolutions as well as two major cliffhangers. Stars Luciana Bollina and Ana Paula Lima have delivered top notch performances as women who fall into a passionate and angsty showmance after filming a movie together.

This season, Red writers Viv Schiller and Germana Belo and director Fernando Belo created a taut, vibrant world that you can’t help but be drawn into. There’s not a tremendous amount of dialogue, but so much happens without words. Music plays a huge role in the series, providing a canvas for the actors to paint with wordless longing. Speaking of words though, having English subtitles available the same day each episode was released was a big and very welcome change from last season, much to the delight of non-Portuguese speaking fans. 

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Season 2 did the best it could to keep Liz and Mel apart but like magnets, these women are drawn to one another in more ways than one. Mel, who is married and feeling the pressure to have a baby, agonized about what to do this season—follow her heart’s desires and be with Liz, or stay in her nice, yet not quite fulfilling marriage to husband Henrique. When one of Liz’s jealous exes spills the beans about Mel’s affair to Henrique, Mel is forced to confess her feelings for Liz. Things become even more tense when Liz, who has a history of addiction, breaks her sobriety and calls Mel.

In this finale, the women connect physically and emotionally once again, and all seems good on the surface. However, in the last few moments of the episode, both Liz and Mel are faced with serious challenges that could very well derail the bliss they find in each other’s arms. It also sets the show up for a third season, so cross your fingers or better yet, contribute to making that possible.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, the Season 2 finale of Red.


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