Exclusive Premiere: Jane Bang’s “Make a Ho Rich”


Jane Bang has been a fixture of the New York club community since the early 2000s. A photographer, DJ and musician, Jane released music and toured internationally for five years before deciding to take a three year hiatus.

“I took a break from music for a couple of reasons,” Jane told us. “I had signed a recording contract with Ultra Music and they wouldn’t let me release my album. My manager at the record label was a jerk on numerous occasions, and one day he even sent me a picture of his dog’s privates. Unfortunately, women receive much less respect than men in the entertainment industry. Eventually the label and I agreed to part ways. During that transition, I had been touring a lot and wanted a change of pace to relax with friends, start new relationships, go on vacations, and achieve my other life goals. It all fell into place perfectly and I left the spotlight.”


Now, Jane (who is bisexual) said feels ready to get back into the game, especially after hearing from fans.

“My fans were extremely supportive the whole time, and I was impressed to discover how much of a positive impact my songs made on people,” she said. “I decided to start making music again because I want to share positivity and inspire women to have homosexual experiences.”

Jane’s new track “Make a Ho Rich” was inspired by “all the beautiful exotic dancers I’ve met over the years,” she said. “Thank you ladies, for your hard work and enthusiasm.”

The video for “Make a Ho Rich” is a fantastical celebration of women having fun together, and Jane said she had a great time working with director Aris Jerome.

“Being out on the ocean, everyone had a great time. My favorite part of filming was all the goofy stuff going on behind the scenes, like when someone almost fell overboard and our champagne showers,” Jane said. “I enjoyed having a body double and switching characters, too.”

Jane said her sexuality “is  is a major part of [her] personality” and “it shows through [her] writing, music, images.”

“I know what pleases me and I love to be open about my desires, shamelessly,” she said. “People sense and connect with this vibe; they begin to feel more confident about their own sexual desires and become comfortable expressing them. My being a bisexual woman has been a challenge in social acceptance. Bisexuality has many misconceptions and I have found that discussing it openly helps to educate people and dispel many myths associated with it. My music opens the door for these discussions.”

Check out the exclusive premiere of “Make a Ho Rich” and find out more about Jane Bang on her website.

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