Alyssa Robbins’ “Chasing Summer” video shows the ins-and-outs of relationships and one-night-stands


Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Alyssa Robbins has a new music video for her song “Chasing Summer,” and we guarantee you’ll appreciate the story. The track is from Alyssa’s album Our Time Was Here We Just Forgot To Be and the video, which Alyssa says “explores the ins and outs of lady relationships,” was directed by Elizabeth Rohrbaugh (Outer Borough Pictures).

From the press release:

Why do people stay in relationships? Is it love or is it simply the comfort of a warm body in bed? “Chasing Summer” … asks these very questions and allows the audience to become a voyeur, hover above Robbins’ bed and time travel through her various relationships, lovers and one night stands. Through echoing drum beats, layered guitars and melodic harmony Robbins asks her partners, and ultimately herself, “Are you really here? Or are you just having fun?”

For more on Alyssa, check out her official website and Bandcamp page.

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