Variations on a lesbian theme


Last year, when I received an e-mail with the subject line “LESBIAN,” I admit I was intrigued. Were they calling me a lesbian? Were they touting a new singer/songwriter they wanted to make clear was completely out and available for any queer questioning?

It ended up being a press release about a new band. These guys:

Behind the girls they paid to make out for their press photo.

Yes, they are a Seattle metal band called LESBIAN.

They’re not the only ones who have taken a liking to utilizing the word in their band moniker. There are actually several music groups that think it’s a great description of their collective.


Not to be confused with LESBIAN (no S), this trio is made up of Erase Errata frontwoman Jenny Hoyston and friends Michelle Lawler and Tara Jespen. Their songs are strongly feminist and all about the gay female experience (“Are you two sisters?”). They also have an entire song dedicated to the goddess, where they sing, “Why does the goddess give us a rainbow?”

Lesbians on Ecstasy

Lesbians love to dance, and Lesbians on Ecstasy play hot electro tunes that make you want to move. If you’re turned off by the drug reference, just know that the only ecstasy you’ll be feeling is from your endorphins kicking in. So gay, so good.

Lesbian Fun

This London-based all-girl trio appears to be a “just for kicks” kind of group, so their name might just be perfect. Their name-inspired song “Lesbian FUNN” is a little crass, but, of course, all in good fun. Let it be known: Lesbians are fun.

Love of Lesbian

With an acronym like LOL, it’s already hard to take a band like this seriously. Their songs are in Spanish, so I can’t tell what their name might actually mean: Do they love a lesbian, or do they want the love of a lesbian? Perhaps they just love lesbians in general?

Lesbian Afternoon

I kind of like Lesbian Afternoon, and not just because I have them myself every day. The guy who refers to himself as a gay lady late in the day plays an interesting brand of esoteric indie rock. Judging from his photos, he’s a little out there, which lesbians can always appreciate.

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