“Girls on Da Hood” and other movie make-overs


There’s been an increase in lesbian visibility in Hollywood over the years, and we couldn’t be happier. Or could we? (Always.) I mean, what if we could just completely take over? All movies, all gay, all the time!

In our dreams, right? Yes, but also in the iLove Film Girls calendar from two London-based lesbians, photographer Nadia Attura and make-up artist Mercury.

Together, the women created movie posters for 12 mainstream films, using sexy queer women in the place of the typical boring male stars, and giving the names a Sapphic spin.

Attura told Australia’s SX News:

People talk about ‘new’ lesbian Lindsay [Lohan] as if women haven’t been getting it on for generations…. We are simply highlighting the fact that the world around us is full of beautiful, talented, successful and quite ‘normal’ lesbian and gay men who are confident and happy in themselves and their identities, setting a benchmark for others.

Mission accomplished. Plus, it’s hilarious. Let’s take a look at a few months:

There was nothing inherently sexy about Quentin Tarantino‘s directorial debut of a heist gone wrong. Probably because it was devoid of women. Seriously, a non-stop guy party. If any movie needed some ladies involved, it’s this one. At least they’d get the job done right.

Sure, I sort of feel like I’m in junior high laughing at this one, as it’s almost too obvious. It probably took about two seconds to decide how to queer this one up. It’s the staging of the photo that makes it so good.

Johnny Depp is pretty for a man, but I’d take a queer Captain Jackie Sparrow over him any day. She reminds me less of Keith Richards.

This one makes early ’90s inner-city L.A. look more like a Yo Majesty! show than a struggle against drugs and violence. And let’s face it: on the hood is way hotter than in the hood.

You probably already had a crush on Princess Leia, but you were heartbroken she fell for Han Solo. At least the Leia-like lesbian in this photo actually plays for our team. And Han Solo’s outfit doesn’t look so awful when it’s on a lady. Bonus!

Other films covered include Mary Just Popped In, The Sexorcist, Pulp Friction, Fannie, Trannyspotting and The Godmuffa. Do you see any missed opportunities, such as a play on Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?

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