“The Impossibilities” explores the unlikely friendship between a magician and a lesbian yogi


To say that the characters in writer/director Anna Kerrigan‘s new web series The Impossibilities are quirky, would be putting it lightly. Yet, it’s exactly those quirks that make Willa (Kati Rediger), a lesbian yoga instructor, and Harry (Ashley Springer) a bitter and jaded magician, so interesting.

When Willa attends a dreadfully boring party with her lawyer girlfriend Alex (Appropriate Behavior‘s Rebecca Henderson), she stumbles upon Harry arguing with the petulant children he’s supposed to be entertaining. She’s taken by the whimsy of the magic show and wants Harry to teach her what he knows. However, Harry’s a tough nut to crack. Angry and cynical with an enormous ego, he barely tolerates other human beings, let alone a perky lady who he barely knows.


Willa has her own set of issues though. Alex wants to open up their relationship, something Willa goes along with but has reservations about.

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Her boss at the yoga studio is soooo zen, but uptight at the same time, taking issue with Willa’s affable, jokey manner. Feeling aimless and frustrated, Willa reaches out to her ex Jodie (Becca Blackwell), who has transitioned since their break up. In a cringeworthy scene over drinks, Willa asks Jodie the most invasive, tone deaf questions about his transition. Willa tries to even the score with Alex by seducing her ex, so she too can have a “makeout friend.”

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The episodes alternate between ones that focus on Willa and Harry, although they sometimes show up in each other’s episodes, so don’t skip any. The acting is spot on and it’s filmed almost like a movie, with very high production values. All eight episodes of the first season are available now, and hopefully they will expand into a second season so we can see what happens to our anti-heroes as they muddle through a tenuous friendship, love and life in Brooklyn.

Here’s the first episode, which happens to be Willa-focused episode.

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