Dara & Karman’s Hit List: “Predictions for 2009” (Episode 12)


It’s a brand new year, which means we have a brand new list about random, lesbianish things to share with you!

This week, Dara and I make our predictions for what will happen in 2009. While neither of us necessarily possess psychic abilities, we’re both know-it-alls, and were pretty sure this qualifies us to weigh in on the subject.

From Rachel Maddow’s career change and Lindsay Lohan’s political activism to Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s identity crisis and alternative uses for the ShamWow®, we span the range of all things ridiculous in our examination of what might happen in 2009.

Have any predictions of your own? Let us know!

Dara & Karman’s Hit List "Predictions for 2009" (Episode 12)

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