Shape Up with Ever Mainard: Getting Back on the Horse


Oh boy, woof. Talk about a set back. Dinah Shore has come and gone and it seems that it took my motivation with it. As embarrassing as it may seem, after the festival passed I kind forgot I had goals.  I had this weird mindset of “Welp, guess I didn’t loose 40 lbs. in a month. Oh well!” Then one morning I woke up, took a look in the mirror, and thought, “Put down that fifth and run girl!” That’s right. I woke up with a bottle of Jack, looked in the mirror and said, “NO MORE, KE$HA!” 

One of the biggest challenges in weight loss is the admittance of making a mistake, acceptance of it, and then hoisting your self back on the wagon. The fitness wagon. With your biceps. (Or whatever muscles you use to pull yourself up. I’m not a doctor.)

Every now and then I work as a production assistant and it really puts a kink in things. Workdays mean early start times, long hours, and tons of tasty treats from craft services. Mmhmmmm craft services… The calories don’t count if the food is free, right?  Does MFP (MyFitnessPal) really need to know about this? 

One thing that I’ve been focused on is just because the food is free and available doesn’t mean I have to scarf it down.  It’s easy to forget that a free cookie here and a free cookie there can really add up to a piece of pizza (caloric wise, of course.) Oh my god, a pizza cookie. Sorry, what were we talking about again? Oh yes, pizza.



I recently downloaded a pedometer on my phone.  Honestly, I feel like a turd. I’m afraid that I’m going to turn into one of those people. However, it’s nice to know how much activity I’ve done and how much more I need to do. (I don’t need your self-projected judgment, okay?! Lots of people have step counters! )  A few steps here and a few steps there can really add up. Hey man, six miles is six miles! So now I can obsess about my caloric intake and my steps. I’m sure this will be a healthy relationship.

Challenge yourself to really sauce it up by mixing in a few lunges on your way to craft services and turn yourself right around and remind yourself that you’re only eating out of boredom and not hunger and then lunge yourself back to where you came from! Go on, get!

I also ran outside for the first time in a long time and I’m pretty sure I looked like Phoebe—you know from that Friends episode where she ran like a maniac.


It was a little unusual at first—what with the fresh air and the ground not moving and all. But then something different happened. A change came over my reluctant heart and (dare I say it) running actually became fun?  I wrote that as a question because I am still baffled by having fun while running.

It was nice to actually look at something other than a screen and to actually move when I ran! Plus, I wasn’t stressing over how many calories I burned in a set amount of time. Instead let my mind wander and meditated right into traffic! Kidding! But I did meditate.

So now the only thing left to do is to get back at it.  Yes, Dinah is over, but that doesn’t mean that my goals are over.  It’s all about dedication and staying focused down the long road. Seriously? Staying focused on the long road?? What am I? A life coach? GET A GRIP!

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