Girlfriends, Forever! 6 Songs that Make LTRs Sound Sexy


We all know that breakups are fun to sing about (that’s why karaoke was invented). Meeting someone knew is also a thrill to sing about, because there’s so much excitement and uncertainty (“Call me maybe!”). But every once in a while, a song actually seems to be about a long-term relationship. Here are six songs about LTRs, some old, some new—all fun to listen to while you and your girlfriend stare at into each other’s eyes.


1.  I Love You, Honeybear” by Father John Misty

This song is a good reminder that just because a couple has been together long enough to call each other “honeybear” doesn’t mean that they still can’t be edgy and have raw, constant sex. The singer seems cool, in spite of being a total relationship-addict.

Mascara, blood, ash and cum

On the Rorschach sheets where we make love

don’t ever doubt this, my steadfast conviction

2. “You Can Have it All” by Yo La Tengo

This song never gets old to me. It makes me think of my second anniversary with a girl, when she takes me to a surprise romantic picnic on a field and let’s me borrow her jacket. It’s that really sweet, altruistic attitude you have when you’re happily involved in an adorably committed relationship. You want my time? My money? My love? My heart? Take it—you can have it all. 

If you want, want my heart

Take it baby, you can have it all

And if you want my last dime

Take it baby, you can have it all

Take it baby, you can have it all

3. “The Co-Dependent” by Sia

A Sia classic, you can’t get much more LTR than a song called “the co-dependent.” Sure, we’d all like to think that having a partner doesn’t make us attached at the hip, but then your partner goes out of town and you’re like “WHO AM I?” Just me? Well, it’s still a great song. On a darker note, it’s also about carrying someone who can’t carry herself right now.

Feels like we are married and I haven’t run away, run away, run away

So many years I’ve carried you in my arms

Yet I stay, yet I stay, yet I stay

I’m gonna watch you drink it all

I’m gonna watch you fall

You’ll find me by your side

If you find me at all

4. “Adore You” by Miley Cyrus

This song is surprisingly mushy when you really listen to it. I mean, she like really loves this guy. More than he loves her (she insists!). I especially like the part about how when she is scared, he makes her feel safe. Because probably the #1 thing I do in relationships is endlessly list my fears to my partner until she comes up with logical things to say to me that will make them go away. It’s more than physical co-dependency; it’s emotional! Miley’s got it bad in this one.

When you say you love me

Know I love you more

I’m scared oh, so scared,

When you’re near me

I feel like I’m standing with an army

Of men armed with weapons, hey oh

5. “Ondine” by Lower Dens

Like all songs, I have no idea what this one is actually about, but I love it and it reminds me of a long-term relationship that is in that weird “kind of breaking up” phase: you have a big fight and almost break up, but you got so close to ending it, that it still feels like you did. So, you find yourselves “kind of getting back together.” And making all kinds of promises for how things will change. “I’ll treat you better!” And saying dramatic things like, “Hold on! Oh my love.”

I will treat you better

I will treat you better

Hold on

Oh my love

6. “Dry and Dusty” by Fever Ray

This song just makes me think of growing old with someone—having so many shared memories that you feel like you have one joint memory. And also having some major co-dependency. And also feeling like you’ve done so much that you don’t want to keep living. Kind of morbid. But totally about an LTR.

Never leave me

Walk close beside me

Your hand my hand

Fits so easy

No tomorrow

Let us stop here

We did some great things

Didn’t we?

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