Salma plays nurse on “30 Rock”


Things to like about 2009 already: In 360 days we won’t have to call the decade the aughts anymore, in two weeks new tenants move into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and in a few days time, Salma Hayek and Tina Fey will finally be together — well, on television that is.

Salma makes her multi-episode debut Thursday on 30 Rock as an in-home nurse for Jack Donaghy’s (Alec Baldwin) mother. Her character and Jack’s later become involved. See their first meeting here, while I dream about Salma’s red dress some more.

Salma’s role continues 30 Rock’s season of famous faces. While the disease of gueststaritis can be fatal for a show, I’ve rather enjoyed all the celebrities — from Oprah to Jennifer Aniston and Steve Martin — who have stopped by for a stint. It helps that the show’s core stories, from Jack’s mommy issues to Liz’s baby fever, have still been at the center of most of the episodes.

Speaking of baby fever, this other sneak peek contains my new official greeting for any baby I meet: “Oh, what a cute little girl — or boy, if you grow up and feel that that’s what’s inside you.”

I’m also going to take up “It isn’t stealing if it fell on the ground” as my new personal mantra. See, I told you 2009 was going to be awesome.

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