The Sapphic Sex Survey Results


Sex: the great mindless pleasure. You probably have it, or have had it, or would like to have it if only some fetching thing would consent to letting you all up in her bits. Last month, AfterEllen asked readers to take an anonymous sex survey about your girl-on-girl experiences. Over six THOUSAND women answered questions on preference, identity, activity, frequency, and everything in between. The result? A bevy of new information on the sex lives of lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, and queer women.

This isn’t just fun; it’s important. Our community has been ignored and marginalized by the majority of sex surveys and studies, which overwhelming focus on heterosexual activity.  To everyone who took the survey: thank you. Your contribution made this survey an overwhelming success, and is a valuable asset to AfterEllen and the LGBTQ community.

Now let’s get to the good stuff: what did we find out? First off, let’s break down who you are: a majority (65%) identify as gay/lesbian, followed by bisexual (13%), queer (8%), label free (7%), still figuring it out (4%), and pansexual (2%). I’m proud to say that we have WAY more orgasms than other women, with 72% orgasming always or most of the time. We’re mostly monogamous (76%) and prefer body parts to toys (61%). A striking majority (92%) have never used a dental dam. We bang our friends (58%) but not our friends exes (79%). 55% first had sex with a woman as an adult, between 18-30. We’re NOT exhibitionists (91%) or voyeurs (77%) so bro, if you see two girls kissing, kindly put your dick away and fuck off. Finally, a majority (77%) dislike or have never tried scissoring, so that’s settled.

Here are some of the survey’s highlights, followed by the rest of the results. Enjoy and discuss!


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