Meghan Trainor is ready to get down with women at The Dinah this weekend


Meghan Trainor‘s “All About That Bass” was one of the year’s biggest hits, and the song about having an ass was celebrated by all kinds of women. Both the track and the artist behind it helped to usher in more body positivity in mainstream pop culture, creating conversations around the catchy tune that also delivered the lyrics, “I’m here to tell you that/Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.” “Bass” got her nominated for two Grammys this year: Record of the Year and Song of the Year.


Meghan’s second single, “Lips Are Movin,'” was just as successful on the charts, with another infectious hook and universal theme of an unfaithful partner. She just released her third single, “Dear Future Husband,” off her four-song EP, Title, and is bringing her fun and flirty energy to Club Skirts’ The Dinah this weekend in Palm Springs. We asked the pop star about lesbian fans and The Dinah’s history of booking women who become global icons—no pressure! I know you have a huge gay fan base. Have you felt a lot of love from lesbian fans?

Meghan Trainor: I’ve felt a lot of love from the entire GLBTQ community in general from the very beginning which couldn’t make me happier.

AE: Do you see your body-positive anthem “All About That Bass” as relevant to women who date women as it is for women who only date men?

MT: “All About That Bass” is relevant to all women regardless of who they love. It’s a song about loving your body and being happy no matter what which I think a lot of women can relate to.

AE: The Dinah has a history of booking great acts who have only gotten bigger after playing in Palm Springs, including Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Iggy Azalea. Do you think lesbians are tastemakers?

MT: If the artists that have been booked at Dinah is any indication then I’d say yes!  That is a very impressive list of names…It definitely sounds like they have good taste.

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AE: Have you written any songs that you feel have LGBT themes? Do you consider yourself an ally?

MT: I think a lot of my songs have a very universal message that can apply to difference genres and communities and I’m happy that some can be considered LGBT themes. I often dedicate “Close Your Eyes” to my LGBTQ fans during my shows and tell everyone that they should love whoever they want. I have a lot of gay friends and they’re such an important part of my life. I’d definitely consider myself an ally.  Love is love and everyone should be able to have it in their lives no matter who it is they choose.  

Meghan Trainor performs this Saturday night at The Dinah.

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