9 Reasons Lesbians Make Great Friends


I recently had someone tell me that having a lesbian friend was the best thing ever. So I decided to highlight some of our amazing qualities and what makes us some of the greatest friends you will ever have.


*Warning: Not all lesbians are the same, so you might just befriend one who doesn’t share every single one of these attributes. We do our best to be all things to all people.*

You will always have someone to help you put things together. Most of us are very handy and even come with our own power tools.


You will never be short of camping supplies. We keep that stuff in bins so we can throw it in the car at the drop of a hat.


We don’t go to the bathroom in large groups. We are less likely to do so in order to gossip or put on makeup, so there will be ample room for you to wash your hands.


We have mastered the art of moving. AKA we can be extremely helpful if you decide to relocate. And we can have a U-haul truck at your door in no time. 


You will always have someone to take in the unwanted stray pets in your neighborhood.


You will never go thirsty. Because we know the details for every happy hour special within our state.


We can offer you protection, because we travel in packs. Just like wolves.


We tend to be inherently athletic. So we can sub for virtually any sporting team you need.


We can teach you how to remain close friends with all your exes. Whether you like it or not.


What other reasons do you think make lesbians good friends?

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