The Sapphic Sex Survey


Sex: The great mindless pleasure. You probably have it, or have had it, or would like to have it if only some fetching thing would consent to letting you all up in her bits. Straight people LOVE talking about sex, and shoving it in our faces under the guise of art or marketing. Gay men love making sex obscenely (and envy-inducingly) (is inducingly a word?) (#inducingly) convenient. Grindr is a testament to the ingenuity of a gay man DTF.

While gay male sex has been extensively documented because a. those beezies be chatty and b. the patriarchy, and straight sex is unfortunately inescapable, genuine lesbian sexxxxxxxxxx is less omnipresent. For culture and country, here is the first (and maybe only, depending on how many obscenity flags get lobbed against me) AfterEllen Sapphic Sex Survey. We’ll post the results in April, after you’ve had ample time to give us the goods. Results should be enlightening!


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