Played Out: Immediate Feels


As we speak I’m setting up for a surprise party that’s taking place for a friend of mine at my apartment. I’m super behind. I basically stroked out at work earlier. But don’t worry, ladies, because I had already selected songs for this week. So yes, I’m having a full blown fit right now, but I promise I wasn’t in this state when I made these selections for your listening pleasure. I hope y’all enjoy.

Courtney Barnett – “Depreston”

I love Courtney Barnett. A friend showed her to me recently on a “neat tequila in a wine glass” type of night, if you know what I mean. I was so sold immediately. Her latest offering continues to deliver on her previous efforts.

Lazyeyes – “Mindseye”

The first comparison I read in relation to these guys was The Cure, and it’s like if you’re going to say it God willing it be true. And it looks like God willed it.

EVVOL – “Your Love”

Formerly Kool Thing, this Berlin/ Dublin based outfit has been putting out some really slick mixes and original productions for a while. Things seem to be heating up with the new name this impressive track and an album out in May.  

Ramona Lisa – “Walking in the Cemetery”

There was a time where I might consider myself a Chairlift freak, like for essentially all of 2012 give or take 2011/ 2013. So it’s no surprise that I’m also a pretty big fan of front woman Caroline Polachek’s side project, Ramona Lisa.

Jack + Eliza – “Diamonds”

A fun fuzzy guitar forward blended vocal track. Makes me think the weather might actually take a turn for the better because to write a song like this you’ve actually seen the sun before, maybe even experienced it’s warmth.

Faith Healer – “Canonized”

If Waxahatchee took left her room, took some feel good drugs and made a few friends along the way it might sound something like this.

Nocturnal Sunshine – “Take Me There”

Immediate feels. I try not to post a lot of ambient electronic music, things with little to no lyrics, it ain’t that kinda playlist, but like today Maya Jane Coles wins.

Meg Myers – “Sorry”

It might be kind of basic, but is it? I don’t know I’m not sure if I should be a couple of years younger or live on the West Coast or something, but I’m into it and also I wish I was a couple of years younger and lived on the West Coast so there’s that.

SLK – “Hush”

Londoner SLK lays down some really sophisticated synth based R&B. It’s a smooth ride, I mean just look at the soundwaves on the SoundCloud page. Girl knows what she’s doing. 

The Slow Revolt – “Farther” 

Pretty vocals, slick production, clubby. I could eat sushi somewhere outrageously expensive with troubling lighting to this.

If you want to pass along song suggestions or pray for me at this party tonight feel free to drop me a line at @its_me_anne (Instagram) and @tweetannietweet (Twitter).

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